Our Service Promise

Every Powerflow Exhausts customer benefits in 3 ways:

1. Look Good:
We will provide your car with the best looking exhaust system on the market to help improve your car not only by looking good but by also increasing the output of your car. We at Powerflow Exhausts have carefully manufactured the best looking tailpipes around to give your car that extra shine just to add to the already good looking silencers.

2. Go Faster:
We will give you refreshingly honest and open advice to best suit your vehicle so that you receive the best performance out of your vehicle from our free flow exhaust systems.

3. Last Longer:
We only offer the exclusive Powerflow Exhausts brand which meets up to world top quality products as we are recognised by the International Standards Organisation, which is why we offer a 5 year guarantee on all of our stainless steel products to live up to our promise of the “last longer” exhaust system.

Last Longer guarantee:
Our exclusive guarantee provides our consumers a piece of mind against accidental damage for up to 5 years on any purchase of a stainless steel exhaust system fitted at one of our Powerflow Exhausts outlets countrywide.

Our guarantee includes:
5 year guarantee on all stainless steel silencers
2 year guarantee on all AMS silencers

Damage caused as a result of collisions, vandalism, wilful malicious damage or mechanical defect or where the vehicle has been repaired by another garage or fitment centre or individual or used for competitive sport is not covered. In the case of Stainless Steel or AMS exhausts / silencers, impact damage caused by speed humps or pavements is specifically excluded. All of the above is conditional on accidentally damaged products being returned to where purchased.