Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you do induction kits?
Yes, some of the Powerflow Exhaust outlets do induction kits, however only selected outlets stock these items.

Do you do branch work?
Yes all the stores do branch work. The stores stock all the top brands of branch's to meet your needs for any car.

How much power?
Each car has it's own characteristics and the power gain may vary. Your car should increase its power between 8 and 10% to be most accurate.

What guarantee will I get?
Our stores all offer 5 year guarantees on all stainless steel silencers and 2 years on our AMS products

Is my guarantee valid at all powerflow’s?
Yes your guarantee is valid at all the Powerflow Exhausts outlets throughout the country however it is preferred if you go to the outlet which did the job originally with your receipt, without your receipt your guarantee is not valid.

Can you custom make what I want?
Of course we can. Powerflow Exhausts is known for being the best custom fit exhaust franchise in the country. We specialise in custom fitting for any vehicle. Try us. Bring in your vehicle.

What tail pipe should I put on?
This is a personal preference. What you should do is come into one of our stores and ask the dealer to show you their range of tailpipes and match the one you want to your car. Our stores carry a large range of tailpipes of the highest quality.

Can I get a good tone / How loud?
Yes, you will receive good tone with any of our silencers. In terms of how loud that again comes down to personal preference. We can make your vehicle roar or we could tone it down for you.

Will my guarantee pass on to a new owner?
Unfortunately not, the guarantee can not be passed onto a new vehicle owner.